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Glorya has been in full time ministry for many years Glorya’s music and teaching ministry through radio and television has touched thousands all across the Nation. She had her own television program “ONLY A GOOD REPORT” has been seen on a number of TV stations. Glorya has made several appearances on Daystar Network and TBN, she has won many awards from many organizations. She has received reports of hundreds being healed, set free and delivered.
Glorya has fought for her life by holding fast to her faith in God’s Word. Glorya has believed what the Word says about her, not what the doctors have said.



Glorya knows the power of prayer. She sees many come to know the will of God in their lives and have a new walk with the Lord and Saviour.


One of the greatest events happened every Saturday night at the Sportatorium Arena in Dallas, Texas. Although simply called the ‘Big D Jamboree’, there was most certainly nothing simple about it.  The biggest Country Music Stars in the business gathered here to do a performance that was as big in Dallas as the Grand Ole Opry was in Nashville.  Hundreds of cars and pick up trucks merged toward the arena from miles around to see Hank Snow, George Jones, Sunshine Ruby and  Tex Ritter, just to name a few. It was obvious that this night was going to  be different than the others when a small, five year old girl with long red curls climbed the stairway leading to the stage.  Wearing a red velvet skirt with matching vest, a white lacy blouse and a cowboy hat, the child quickly discovered the intense heat from the stage lights while the arena roared with thunderous applause.  As a large hand holding the microphone extended towards her, the band kicked off ‘Your Cheatin’ Heart’.  That’s how it all began for Glorya .


“Most people don’t believe in them unless they need one. But when doctors say there’s no hope, something deep down inside their spirit reaches out for the miraculous!


Glorya is no stranger to that feeling. On more than on occasion doctors have given her no hope. Glorya imparts her experience of God’s availability and miraculous powers to others. The anointing has become strikingly evident when she tells of the great things the Lord has done for her and her many meetings all over the city, the nation and the world!


Her first experience with the miraculous was in 1981 when Jesus healed her of a disease called pancreatitus. Diagnosed with pancreatitus, her doctors sent Glorya home from the hospital to die. However, through her faith in the Word of God for healing, and standing on what the Word says (not by what she felt in the natural) Glorya was totally healed, set free and delivered by the power of God. She then yielded God’s call on her life.


Twice again the devil tried to take her life, once in 1985 and again in 1988. But the miraculous power of God preserved her and totally restored her health. Glorya was overweight and wanted so much to lose weight. She was continuously dieting. She had been on every diet imaginable, and her closet contained clothes from a size 9 all the way up to a 24 1/2. She went up and down in weight like a yo-yo! One day she met a girl who had her stomach stapled and when Glorya got home she told her husband about this surgery. They began to make preparations for Glorya to have the surgery even though many of her friends were saying, “Oh no! Glorya, this is not from God! God is not the one who is opening these doors.” But Glorya was so desperate to lose weight she went into the hospital to have the procedure done anyway. She did fine until the day they brought her food.


For the next three years she was continuously in the hospital due to various complications related to the surgery. These conditions persisted until the doctor decided to reconstruct her stomach in 1988. In was then that she came face to face with death. Satan said, “I have won this time!” But then Jesus spoke through the darkness from the most brightest, most exquisite light and said, “Satan, you can’t have her, this child is mine!” He then said to Glorya, “I am sending you back, but only to proclaim my Word!” Glorya has fought for her life by holding fast to her faith in God’s Word. Glorya has believed what the Word says about her, not what the doctors have said. For a long time it was hard for her to even stand for healing because the devil would come to kill, steal and to destroy her faith. He would say, “How can God heal you? This is not a part of anything Jesus did on the cross.” The Lord said to her, “I AM A GOD OF MERCY, I AM A GOD OF LOVE!” The He gave her Psalm 107:20 “…HE WILL DELIVER YOU EVEN FROM YOUR OWN DESTRUCTIONS!” By holding on to her faith in God’s Word, Glorya’s life has not only been protected, but has been completely restored!


After all these brushes with death, Glorya’s husband left her for another woman. Once again Glorya found herself standing on the Word for all of her needs to be met. She felt so alone, and again God spoke to her and told her she had made the wrong choices, but as she became content with Him, God would sent Glorya the “Mighty Man of Valor” that He was preparing for her.


So Glorya began to search the scriptures until God sent him. God fulfilled His promise three years later when she met Bob!


“And how can they preach unless they are sent?” Romans 10:15