In addition to her country gospel music ministry, Glorya’s radio ministry is touching thousands all across the nation. She can be heard on KNGR King Country Radio each day. She teaches and shares the Word of God to help others overcome the adversities of life.

The television program “Only A Good Report” can be seen on a number of TV stations and going on more. We are receiving reports of hundreds being healed, set free and delivered.


If you are not yet ready to book Glorya for your next Christian event,
just listen to what others are saying about The Mustard Seed Faith:


“Glorya Wilson is an exciting artist that truly loves the Lord. Look for great things to come from this lady. You can see the compassion and love she has for the lost and hurting in her eyes as she sings. Her latest project is a must have, she has some really great songs on it. My wife and I count her and her husband at the top of the field of Country Gospel Music.


One of the greatest thrills in my life was driving across Dallas several years ago and tuning in to the great Bob Wilson’s radio show and hearing my song being played. He sure made this ole country boy mighty happy. He has made other artists happy too. he is truly one of the very best in radio. He has been in the business for over 50 years, and we need him to be in the business many more. I am just at a loss for words to tell him how much I appreciate him. God bless Bob and Glorya Wilson, I am proud they are my friends.”
W.C. Taylor, Founder of Country Gospel Music Guild


“I have worked many years in Gospel music, producing records in Nashville as well as producing and hosting the award winning syndicated radio show “Christian Country Review”. Glorya Wilson is the true definition of a Christian Singer and performer. Her heart for the Lord is reflected in her music. If you have not taken time to listen to Glorya’s music then you need to do so. It will bless your heart.
Doug DeRamus, Pastor of Good News Fellowship Church and DJ of Christian Country Revue


“Glorya is a committed and faithful minister of the Gospel through song. She is sincere and she ministers with a heart of compassion. Her songs are encouraging and uplifting."
Don Clowers, Evangelist, Coppell, Texas


“The Mustard Seed Faith is a dynamic ministry of deliverance. Glorya has a powerful testimony about the miraculous death to life healings from God. Believers who are undergoing any physical infirmity will be uplifted and blessed by her testimony. Her testimony will give others a different perspective of the power of God!”
Christopher Spellmon, Pastor, Ambassadors of Christ Christian Center, Fort Worth, Texas


“Glorya Wilson is a living testimony of God’s love and grace. She ministers in song with Godly zeal and anointing. Glorya is a servant of God with great commitment and dedication to the vision God has given her.”
Cheryl Davis, North Church, Carrollton, Texas


“When Glorya Wilson, an ordained evangelist/psalmist, begins to tell the great things the Lord has done for her, the anointing of God falls upon the hearer as a blanket. The expectancy that God will do mighty things so throughly sweeps over them that there is no room for doubt. Miracles, are commonplace. The gifts of the Spirit flow freely and accurately as she is moved with compassion for the needs of the people.”
Bob Wilson, Music Director, Country and Southern Gospel Music, Gospel Country Round-Up