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Isn't There Anybody Out There Who Can Help Me (Book)
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Is There Anybody Out There Who Can Help Me? is the cry of people's hearts everywhere. Sometimes it is verbalized during a desperate time of emotional turmoil like mine. Other times it is just the unsettled desire of a man or woman functioning in their normal day-to-day situations. But a hollowness remains that no job, no human relationship, or not material possession can fill. There IS somebody out there who can help you; his name is JESUS!





You Can Be Loosed From Bondage (Book)
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What kind of bondage are you in? When you pray, are your prayers being answered? Do you feel that you are bound by shackles and chains and your prayers never get above your head? In this book Glorya explains to you how to be loosed from bondage that will help you learn from God's Word how many great men of God were bound by things in their own life. But how God saw them and they were loosed from their bondage. It's all in God's Word as Glorya quotes the scriptures, you too can be loosed from things that have you in bondage. It is so very simple.

Read this book with the recipes from God's Word and you too will be loosed from bondage and can go on with a happy fruitful life filled with God's power and love.


Foundations For Your Life (Book)
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A Note from Glorya...
My pastor says this is a book that every believer needs with their Bible. It is What The Bible Says categorized for what you need.

God's Word is His power. When we take His Word, we bring power into our own situation or circumstance. We know that His Word can work in us mightily. It can work in our being, in our mind and in our body, bringing healing. God's Word is so powerful that it not only works in us, but it will also work for us in our circumstances. The Bibles says it this way, "He sent His Word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions." (Psalm 107:20)

God's Word is the most powerful tool that we can use against adversity. The Word of God will work in us and the Word of God will work for us. It is so wonderful and so powerful! Many times we meet people that do not even know one scripture to stand and believe in for whatever circumstance or situation is in their life. As you read this book and find the scriptures that you need for the time and meditate on them continuously, you will see it manifested in your life. That word meditate means to ponder upon, to study, to chew. Whatever you have a need for, JESUS IS. The scriptures you will be reading in this book will give you power over Satan and over circumstances and situations that would try to rob you of the abundant life. The Scriptures have been categorized under different situations, under different topics, so that you can use them in specific situations and circumstances. You can easily look and find what you need from God's Word by using this book. The book of Daniel says that in the end-time... "Many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased." (Daniel 12:4) Running to and fro means walking through the book with your fingers. These special Scriptures have been selected for you to take personally into your life and bring about the miraculous.


Friends Are Friends Forever (Book)
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Have you ever had a friend who turned their back on you? Have you ever had a friend that betrayed you? Jesus did. Jesus has felt every hurt that you have felt and He is touched by the feelings of your infirmities. In this book Glorya Wilson explains to you how to have good friends and be a good friend. It's all in God's Word as Glorya quotes scriptures, you too can learn how to not be hurt by friends. It is so very simply. Read this book with the recipes from God's Word and you too will be a FRIEND FOREVER and can go on with a happy fruitful life filled with God's power and love.




Experiencing The Presence Of God (Book)
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The presence of God will expose and convict people of their sins and that is why most don't want to be around true servants of God or in places where the power of God is manifest!

Do you understand the faith of God? We use Mark 11:23 as a faith statement. It is the most dynamic faith principal that I have ever read in the Bible! It enables me to speak, and to say and to believe, and actually have God kind of faith! It is all available for me right there in Mark 11:23.





From Grief To Grace (Book)
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At some point in life, things happen in which we grieve. We lose loved ones to everything from divorce to death. We lament the loss of everything from health to happiness. In our grief, we struggle to find the strength and courage necessary to find our way.

In this book, I do not speak neither as a doctor, psychiatrist or psychologist nor an expert in the field of counseling. I can only speak from my personal experience of one who suffered and, in time reflected on that suffering. I am not going to share the fruit of my personal experience and my observation of people similarly afflicted.

Admittedly, I speak not as a health care professional, rather as a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As such, I share not only my personal experiences but those thing I perceived in the Spirit. To link each insight to a particular instant in time, would have been impossible.



Free To Be Healed (Book)
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Suppose you went to the doctor to receive relief from pain or sickness and he told you, "I have a new wonder drug I'm going to prescribe for you. There are no side effects, and it's guaranteed to heal you of your condition. Not only that, but it will actually bring health to every part of your body, no matter what the problem or ailment! However, you have to faithfully take it exactly according to instructions."

After hearing that, I bet you would listen carefully as the doctor explained how to use this wonderful medicine. You would want to take your prescription just as instructed as you could receive its full benefits!